Live at Viva Big Bend with Soul Track Mind

Live at the Viva Big Bend Music Festival in Alpine Texas. Playing with Soul Track Mind.

A tribute to Louis Johnson

While at Berklee one of my favorite classes was a slap bass lab taught by Anthony Vitti. In the first couple of weeks of the class we focused on a bass player who I hadn’t heard of before but I was blown away by his style and groove. That bass player was Louis Johnson and I have been obsessed with his slap playing ever since. He started out in the 1970’s with his own band called The Brothers Johnson and went on to play on some of the most influential records of the 1980’s including Michael Jacksons “Thriller”.

Anyway, he passed away last week and it got me listening to and playing some of his licks. So here is a quick snippet of the intro and verse of “Ain’t we funkin now”. Enjoy!

Live on KUTX with Cari Hutson

I recently had the opportunity to play with Cari Hutson live on KUTX Radio in Austin. Cari is one of my favorite artists to play with, she has a huge soulful voice and writes some great songs. For more about Cari please check out


Bass Lessons

I have opened up my schedule and I am now accepting students for bass guitar lessons in the Austin area. I am also available for lessons via Skype/Facetime/Google Hangout so shoot me a line and we’ll get you scheduled! Please visit to contact me and schedule lessons.

Careers in Music

I recently participated in a careers panel at the Sanger Learning and Career’s center at the University of Texas here in Austin. It contains some great advice from Music professionals here in Austin including myself, a music supervisor, SXSW coordinator, a booking agent and a music teacher. So if you we’re ever interested in how people get into careers in music and the music industry take a look:

New Rig

I recently received delivery of my new amp from Ashdown Engineering. This thing is a beast, 500 watts of power through an amazing 6×10 cabinet. The sound is focused and full, it cuts through the mix like no other. I will post a full review of it once I have had some more time with it out on the road but so far I am very impressed.
A big thank you goes out to Erik Lind and Ashdown Engineering for hooking me up with this amp.
Check out my full review with Audio clips at The Bass Camp website.

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